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CSS Tutorial & Reference Guide

CSS Tutorial

Welcome to the CSS tutorial for beginners.  In this guide we will explain what CSS is, how to implement it into a website, and how to actually write it.  Before you start this tutorial, you should know that this tutorial is specifically designed with beginners in mind.  We’ve tried our best to keep the technical jargon to a minimum and speak as if we’re right next to you teaching you.  If you’re an advanced web developer looking for the advanced details of each CSS property there are other wonderful tutorials on the web that are probably better suited for you (although you’re more than welcome to stay!).  If you’re completely new, a beginner, or even an intermediate level web developer, and want to quickly learn the basics of CSS then let’s get started!

What is CSS?

CSS is a web/computer language that browsers use to determine the look and layout of a webpage.  This includes everything from the background colors, border colors, font sizes, font colors, etc.  Without CSS most webpages would just have black text and images running down the left side of a page.

CSS Tutorial

What CSS looks like

CSS is code that’s written in a text editor (i.e. Microsoft Notepad, or our personal favorite, SciTE) and generally looks like this (colors, indentations, etc vary based on your text editor):

CSS Tutorial for Beginners

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